PT100 calibration?

  • I have recently started having temperature faults.
    Ive cut and recrimped my wires, found one bad one in the process.
    Ive changed my heater code to be :
    M570 H1 P10 T20 to allow a 20 degree diff and still getting these.

    I had a print fail last night 8 hours in, 30 min left, with a temp fault. Of course my duetwifi always disconnects from wifi so typically i can never see any messages or history.
    Now a print failed with a temp fault while i could see the temp chart when it happened. Temp was solid at 215 degrees, then a steady gradual slope up till the fault happened and shutdown.

    Does the PT100 require any calibration? PID tuning ?
    Mine is fairly new, 1 month with about 50 small prints. Connected to a daughterboard on a duetwifi and using a smart effector.

  • A gradual slope indicates to me insufficient heater power (bad connection, failing heater cartridge), or excessive cooling of the heater block (part cooling fan pointed at an uninsulated heater block).

    If the PT100 was reading incorrectly, then you'd have something like being able to print PLA at "100C" - not a gradual slope, which indicates the accuracy is correct and the heater block is cooling.

  • Thanks for the reply

    your description sounds valid if it was a drop in temp, but Its a climb up in temp.

    Its a E3D V6, 24v 30W heater. new supplied with the smart effector.
    The block has a silicone sock on it, and the print fan is the one shown on the smart effector page, a slot aimed below the block.

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    If you use a 2-wire PT100 connection then a bad connection in that circuit will cause an increase in the temperature reading. So my guess is that you still have a bad connection.

  • Cannot find a bad connection, I've redone the crimp ends for the pt100 at each end (effector and duet), but not where it connects to the underside connecter as its supplied.

    On a related note, another failed print, 8 hours in, died again with about 20 min left for heater fault.

    • My wireless is of course disconnected so can't read any messages.

    • Try to reconnect to web gui, using the macro to turn wireless off/on seems to have no effect. Console on PanleDue just states "tool 0 was not driven because its heater temperatures were not high enough or it has a heat" (poor message here as it seems to get cut short)

    • Use console to input "M562 P1" has no effect and does not clear the fault. I try P0, P1, P2, P3, all to no effect.

    • Canot reconnect due to fault having control, cannot clear fault with console, so hit the Stop button on the panel due to reboot.

    • There is no resurrect file created from the heater fault or the Stop, so cannot restart the print from where it ended.
      Firmware Version: 1.20beta1 (2017-10-02)
      WiFi Server Version: 1.20alpha1
      Web Interface Version: 1.19.3

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    Was there a message on the Console page of PanelDue?

    As you are running firmware 1.20beta1, you could turn on logging.

    The bad connection might be in the PT100 itself, or in the crimp connections to the Microfit connector. In your situation I think I would buy another PT100, then if that solves the problem,ask for a refund on the old one.

  • Ok, i have a second pt100, i'll try using that and see if it continues.

    By the time I got to the console page of the paneldue the screen was the same message top to bottom, is there a way to scroll it back up?

    I'll read up on how to turn on logging and activate it.

    Do you also think that a resurrect file could be created when a print halts due to a heater fault in addition to a power drop or pause?

    Thanks for the help.

  • M929 P"eventlog.txt" S1 ; start logging to file eventlog.txt
    Cannot type quotes marks with the panelDue console so cannot set filename, cannot connect to web browser with duetwifi…..

    I'll try again when I'm able to connect

  • You don't actually have to set the P parameter, it defaults to "eventlog.txt".


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