Duet Hole Mount DWG

  • Hello DC42,

    I procured a DUET-Eth from FilaStruder along with an Mini-IR Probe. I'm making a bracket for the probe to be mounted on an AnyCubic Linear+ Kossel hotend effector. I'm milling it out of aluminum as my 3D printer doesn't print anything yet and frankly, it seems that the electronics should employ a heat-shield.

    As I am preparing to fabricate a plexiglass mounting frame for the (nicely engineered) DUET controller, I referenced the wiki at URL:

    and found a board drawing depicting mounting information. The file cited in the drawing titleblock is:
    DuetWifi.kicad_pcb, Rev 1.0

    The top left X coordinate is: 4.119mm (4,119mm), etc
    while the bottom left X coordinate is: 4.4mm

    The top right X coordinate is: 96.119mm
    while the bottom left X coordinate is: 96.4mm

    Are these numbers correct? .2 and .4 are fairly close, –are the hole alignments from top to bottm actually skewed a tiny bit? Just curious.

    Thanks in advance.


  • administrators

    Apologies, the drawing is not totally clear, those are X,Y co-ordinates. So the bottom left is 4mm in X, 4mm in Y. The top left is 4mm in X 119mm in Y. and so on. The same is true for all X,Y (as opposed to X.Y, note the difference between the comma and the full stop) references in that diagram. I will add an explaining line to the wiki.

  • Hi T3P3Tony,

    Ok…that makes a lot more sense. I was confused, as here in the States, 4,2 means two seperate numbers, while I often see in the European World, 4,119, would be = 4.119mm, and rounded up, 4.119 ~=4.2 and those two numbers on the dwg were close enough numerically to cause me...to have a brain fart!



  • administrators

    No worries, glad to be of assistance and hopefully the explanation on the page is clearer now.

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