Duet Web Control Change Wish list

  • These are just some of the changes that may make the system easier for newer users. These are suggestions and should be low priority since these are not show stoppers.

    1. Add a button to in front of each heater that toggles between "Start" and "Stop" instead of just clicking on the title to start/stop it. It would be more intuitive for newer users. If the active setting has not been selected, it should prompt the user to set a temperature when the button is pressed.
    2. Make the "Send G-Code" box a little wider since most of the longer commands get truncated and you have to scroll it to see the information.
    3. Make the "Home All" and "Auto Delta Calibration" buttons same size as other buttons so it is more pronounced.
    4. Provide a link or button to incorporate the web-based configuration tool. It is a very useful tool to help new users and experienced users to make quick setting changes instead of digging through the config.g or other files.
    5. Would be nice to have a quick setting tab to adjust the parameters for delta radius, diagonal rod length, printable radius and homed height instead of digging through the config.g file when trying to adjust bed level manually. Cartesian printers would have a different set of parameters that apply to them. There should be an option button to switch from Cartesian to Delta, etc like the web based configuration tool. It would make manual bed leveling much easier and faster.
    6. I definitely like the idea that someone suggested earlier to have a button to backup all the files, preferable in a zip file that can be downloaded. It would contain all the settings, but not the G-code files. It would make backup much easier and faster instead of clicking on each file or taking out the SD card and dumping the entire content out to the PC.

  • And anther suggestion.
    In other systems I loved the dotted line in the temp graphs, showing the set temperature, so you can see how far the actual temp has to go.
    Just a better visual reminder of what temp was set.


  • i would also love a live G code editor. as it stands from my memory i cant edit a Gcode file.
    i have to edit on my PC then re upload it.
    basically the same way we change the config files would be nice.
    simple to integrate i would think?

    some times a line of code or temp change in the G code is necessary.



  • Downloadable versions of the G-code console output.
    Command history for the G-code console input.
    Easy way to create files (e.g. cancel.g) in the system files directory.

  • I'd add to this having the functionality to recall commands by pressing up or down arrow on the console.

    The ability to sort the gcode files by column header date, name etc…

  • At the moment with the web interface version 1.13 I'm struggling to connect via my Ipad.
    Tried using FireFox, Chrome and Safari, all show the web interface but always fail to connect to the machine.

    Use Explorer on my laptop and it connects first time every time.

    I pad interface is really useful as I don't have to have my laptop etc. in the room with the printer and I can monitor the print while in other rooms.

  • Works fine on my iPad, maybe try restating your ipad…

    Layer visualization, obviously.

  • Also, on my iPad, I guess the screen is smaller so in automatically removes the 100mm movements and instead only gives the options for 10, 1, and .1

    I think an option to change the default values or what to do on smaller screens would be nice, as it is I have to bash the -10 button 30 times :-/.

  • Thanks Qdeathstar i hav tried this along with clearing all the memory and cookies in the browsers.

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