Help with printrbot wiring.

  • I just got my duet wifi in the mail! I'm pretty excited to get it hooked up. I do have a few questions though.

    I'm pretty sure I do not have a z end stop. I have a z probe (inductive). On the printrboard it is connected to the z endstop plug (3 wire), but with the duet wifi I have a the choice of 3 wire z endstop or a 4 wire z probe? How do I hook it up/configure it?

    What is the normal plug for the primary hotend?

    I am familiar with marlin mostly. I am also very new to 3d printing. I do understand g and m code.

    Coming from a printrboard I'm used to a convoluted horrible method of flashing the firmware for a simple configuration change. I somehow bricked my board (i got carried away with the icsp) It is my understanding that the duet takes configuration from a text file 🙂

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    Welcome to Duet! See for how to connect your Z probe, and for how to use it for Z homing.

    The primary hot end is normally connected to the E1 E0 heater and thermistor terminals.

  • The primary hotend connects to E0 terminals, that's how I have it connected to a Duet085 & Wifi.

  • PNP NO inductive sensor.

    Ok I have the z probe wired. Without triggering the sensor im seeing 0v and when I trigger the sensor with a piece of metal im seeing 9.28v. Is this right? Using 10.15kohm and 32.3k ohm as measured resistors.

    To be clear i get 9.28v between gnd and signal and 2.9v between signal and hot. With a 12V power source.

  • I think I read the "how to connect z probe" part right, but I do better with schematics than words.

    I wrecked my last board thinking that I'm smarter than I really am. Trying not to make the same mistake this time.

  • That 9.28v is too high for the Duet, it can't be more than 3.3v.

    When I used a proximity sensor, I used a 12v relay board, using the relay contacts as the endstop switch. With the relay board, you don't have to figure out the resistor network. The one I used is:

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    You may have the resistors swapped. The 10k one should go to ground and the 33k one should go to the output of the sensor.


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