TLM transformation (Bltouch)

  • Hi,

    I am new user… I have limited knows in electronic... And, in English...

    Well, I am waiting Duet WiFi board to come, for transform a Tevo Little Monster.
    Where I have more dudes is in Bltouch install in Duet Board, I have read 2 solutions (the problem is Duet works with 3.3v and Bltouch 5.5)

    • Put a resistor in 5.5v of Bltouch for reduce the current..


    • Cut trace (hobby knife) in Bltouch...

    What solution is recommended?
    What trace in Bltouch I will have to cut? (image please)


  • Hey buddy.

    Welcome to the Duet family, I'm a new user to the the board myself but mine is working great with minimal fuss.

    With the BLTouch I would say it depends on what version you buy, I have a clone Classic touch for example and it didn't have the logic trace to cut. So I had to use resistors and even then make up my own resistance value to see 3.3 volts.

    If however you purchase a genuine BLTouch Smart, their latest version, then all it needs is the thin copper trace linking two pads together cutting away with a sharp knife. Then it's good to go with the 3.3 volt logic the Duet needs.

    Here are the PDF manuals for the various BLTouch probes which will then show you what changes to make for each version;


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