No Green Light blinking at Startup.

  • Hey,

    Just got this today. Got it all together and on power up there is no green LED light blinking.
    The heat sink fan spins up and the LED lights under the plate light up.
    Pr is stuck to 1000 and I can't get it to fluctuate with any tapping at all.
    I have checked and rechecked the wiring on there about 3 times already.

    The print head heats up. Haven't tried the cooling fan yet.

    Kind of at a loss here.

  • administrators

    One possible cause is a bad crimp connection in the ground wire of the signal cable connecting the 8-way connector on the effector to the Duet Z probe connector. Can you check with a multimeter that you have 3.3V between the 3.3V and ground pins on the 8-way connector on the effector? I suggest you disconnect the 6-pin heater/fans connector while doing this, to reduce the risk of shorts if your multimeter probe slips.

  • That was it.

    Had a bad wire there.

    Thanks a ton man!

  • I hae the same problem. no green led ad startup and no green led with tap.
    It used to work and i didn't change anything (except of dissasembling my printhead a lot of times to solve a printing problem) when i measure between VCC and gnd i get 0,65V instead of 3,3V. Any idea what the reason for this could be?

  • administrators

    Probably a bad crimp connection in either the 3.3V or the ground line to the 8-pin connector. if the Z probe reading is stuck at 1000 it's the ground wire, it it is stuck at 0 it's the 3.3V wire.

  • thanks indeed the ground contact

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