Wiring and connection issues….

  • Hi,
    Houston… We have a problem....
    As they say here ... "The first on the forehead ..."
    Well, I have a Dupont crimper, the model I've put before, and some terminals bought ... I've done some tests, I've never used a Dupont crimper before ... and when I've managed to do terminals, I've tried to go to those that come with the Duet plate .... but .... They are bigger than the Dupont connectors that I use ..... This causes me two questions:

    • The Duet board uses Dupont connectors. That is, the crimper that I have?
    • If they are not Dupont connectors. What kind of connectors are they?
    • If they are Dupont connectors. How big does it have to be?

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    The connectors on the Duet are not Dupont, although Dupont connectors will fit them but are rather tight. They are Molex KK254 series, or compatible ones from JYK or (usually) Wurth. Your Dupont crimpers may work with them, if not then crimp tool HT-225D is inexpensive and widely available on eBay, Amazon etc.

  • What i need to "make" this connectors?

  • administrators


    What i need to "make" this connectors?

    I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are asking.

  • Hi,

    Mistake, I have made a big mistake…. Connectors to crimp,are in the shipped package....

  • Hello

    want to upgrade my cr-10 with duetwifi this night (while win 10 update…)
    BUT I have to crimp all the cables ? ohh no, to much time
    the jst dont fit 😞

    and now Win10 update is finished, but Printer not 😞

    Please do you sell or know someone ?
    I need
    1m JST to Molex Cable - have to renew all cables
    dont want to Crimp or solder all the Pins...

    Greetings from Hamburg

  • Hello

    modified JST connectors are fitting on Molex,
    but not really good.

    So I had buy an new crimping tool für mini jst/molex usw…. 😞
    (the good ones - 300,- - an cheaper for 25,- amazon-de)

    would be nice to buy finished Molex kk - JSt 6-pin cables and other


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