IR sensor with black printbite?

  • Hi,
    I've searched the forum, but I couldn't find an obvious answer (sorry if I missed one)…

    Does anybody know if the IR Height Sensor will work accurately with my black gloss printbite printing surface?


  • It works with my white printbite.

  • Thanks - that sounds promising.

  • @Shen:

    It works with my white printbite.

    I confirm it.
    I am using David's IR sensor more than a year on clear (milky) Printbite and it working brilliant!

  • administrators

    If you have the choice, I recommend using an opaque PrintBite rather than a transparent one.

  • Thanks everybody - I've ordered a couple of IR sensors & will test with the black printbite surface.

    My main concern was that I have the gloss surface instead of the matt one.

  • My white printbite is also glossy, so it shouldn't be a problem for you. I'm using the printbite on a buildtak flex plate, along with some other build surface. The only issue I have it the glossy printbite surface has a different trigger distance from my other build surface, so whenever I switch, I have to change the trigger distance.

  • Any luck with the black printbite? Would love to see some pics of your levelling grids. I have the gridded printbite surface and it doesn't work on that.

    I'm yet to decide if it is a dodgy IR sensor, or if it is hitting the grids and causing a strange pattern.

    My bed levelling came out as such –

    I could rip off my old printbite and buy a new one, or I could get it to only take readings from within grids, but my current set up works without an IR sensor… it is really only to have a digital readout of my bed flatness that I care about so I'm yet to take the plunge. Let me know how black printbite works though and maybe i'll take the plunge


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