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  • Hello there! Today I got my Duet Wifi board, and I have wired it up. So far I got homing working as intended, but having issues with the G32 command.

    The printer is a CoreXY setup, and I have the endstops at the front of the Y axis, and left side of the X axis. Upon homing the XY core moves to the front left of the printer, and upon the G32 command it moves to the back left of the printer and then shoots out hundres of errors in thw WebInterface saying the probe was already trigged at start of probe moving. It also seems like the printer is slightly trying to move the motors to the left while moving backwards causing them to lock up(left as in out of it boundaries while moving to the first probing point).

    This issue seems to happen wether the probe is triggered or not. Anyone have any clue what the issue might be?


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    Most likely you have not set up your bed.g file to define the probe points you want to use, or you have not set up the deployprobe.g and retractprobe.g files for your bltouch.

    First, is G32 the right command to use? If your CoreXY machine has multiple leadscrews driven by motors attached to independent drivers, then you can use G32 to level the bed by adjusting the leadscrews independently. See the wiki page on this subject. On a machine without independent drivers for multiple Z motors, you can also use G32 command to tell you now much to adjust the manual bed levelling screws. Again, there is a wiki page on this.

    In either case, the key is to set up your bed.g point to define the points you want to probe.

    If what you want to do is to apply bed compensation, then although it is possible to do 3- 4- and 5-point compensation using G32, we recommend that you use G29 mesh bed compensation instead. Again, see the wiki for details.

    HTH David

  • Thanks for you reply!

    Looks like I was a bit too quick/too tried when dealing with this issue. It was related to an endstop beeing configured wrong, and the printer started off with the coordinates set to the opposite side while beeing at the home position.

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    I'm glad you solved it - thanks for letting us know.

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