Short-to-ground on drivers 0

  • Hi,

    I just made all the connection on my DuetWifi board witch is running on 24V and it has installed 1.19 firmware from the factory. After I connect to it trough web interface, every motor is working fine, the direction is ok and so on. But I keep get the error message ''Short-to-ground on drivers 0''. I've re checked the connection on X motor witch is the driver 0 but everything looks fine. I've touched the driver chipset to see if it's hot but it's not at all. Sometimes I get an aditional information something like: ''Overheating on driver 0, driver shutted down". But even when I get this aditional message X axis is moving correct. What could be the problem? Tnx!

  • The weird thing is that after I start a print this error disappear. How could I get rid of it?

  • administrators

    I'm sorry, you appear to have received a faulty Duet. My guess is that there is a bad soldered joint on the SPI data output from driver 0. Either that, or the driver chip itself has a fault on that pin. Please ask for your Duet to be replaced under warranty.

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