Duet Ethernat odd connection issues

  • I don't have a connection unless I run M552 S0 then M552 S1 every time I turn the machine on. It also does not show up in my router, this is an Ethernet connection, the socket lights are on, on the board. I also have M587 coming up as UNSUPPORTED COMMAND no matter what follows it. the board was updated to 1.19 some time ago and was running it just fine. I took it out of service to repair a fan MOSFET and transfer it to my CoreXY printer. I only have basic connections to in now power, one fan , USB and Ethernet. I'm wondering if I messed something up in my router while trying to get my WIFI board running ( I have one of each type)

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    M587 is about configuring access point details, therefore it is supported on the Duet WiFi only.

    To make your Duet Ethernet enable networking automatically, use command M552 S1 in config.g.

    As detailed in the upgrade notes, the MAC address of the Duet will have changed with upgrading to 1.19, therefore any IP address reservation you made for the Duet in the router will need to be altered.

    HTH David

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