BL-Touch DuetWifi Geeetech

  • Hello,

    can i use this BL-Touch from Geeetech on my DuetWifi?

    please help me!

    I have connectet to the 3 GPIOS on Duet, and this Working Perfect.

    The two another cable (black and white) come to the Z-Probe connector?

    This BL-Touch running with 5 Volt.

    I need 3.3 Volts?

    When i Measuring on the 2 Pins on the Board (Z-Probe) = 2.17 Volt output??????

    Thanks all

  • administrators

    2.17V is probably sufficient, and if not then you can use P1 instead of P5 in the M558 command.

  • Thank you, this BL-Toch works fine.


  • Hi,

    i have try this…. and works better.

    I am using a BlTouch of Antlabs

    I have conected White wire of Bl TOuch, in Z Probe Shocket_In, Red, Brown and Orange, in expansion socket.

    And i have try this, in config.g, i have put:

    ; BL-Touch
    M307 H3 A-1 C-1 D-1 ; BLTouch - on heater 3 pin
    M558 P1 X0 Y0 Z1 H3 F200 T5000 ; Homing Z axis, P5 for BLTouch
    G31 X-22.00 Y7.0 Z1.5 P5 ; Set the probe height - reduced P25 down to P5 - no difference

    With this… i can manual control BlTouch (Extend, Retract and Test), and the advance, now i can read in frontpage of Duet control in Z Probe, the Z-Probe=5 when probe retracted, and Z-Probe=0 when probe deployed

    If i try to calibrate, don't work...

    Cofreakma. Can you read in front page another values of Z-Probe, when deployed or retracted?

  • yes i can read another values

  • administrators

    To test a Z probe, use a simple G30 command. That should probe the bed at the current XY position. The Z movement should stop when the probe is triggered.

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