Mixing voltages on the smart effector

  • I have a 24V system. However, I installed a small 1A 12V power supply for my hotend fan which used a 40mm Noctua. I installed the stock 30mm E3D fan and would eventually like to go back to the much quieter Noctua. I assume that the effector is powering the LED's from the hotend fan supply since that would be the only voltage that is constantly present.

    My question is that I was wondering if it is possible to use 12V to supply just the hotend fan while leaving the heater and part fans at 24V? Would I need to install the jumper for 12V supply if I did, and would it harm anything if I have mixed voltages like that?

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    Yes that should work. The hot end fan + illumination LED circuit is separate from the print cooling fan and heater circuits.

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