Where stores Macros?

  • Hi,

    examining my SD card inserted in DUET, i have find the same macro (Name only the same) in /SYS and /MACROSS folder… and they are diferent.

    When i run a Macro, which runs?
    I must have the macro file in 2 directories? or can erase 1 file
    Why are duplicated?

  • Folder structure should be like this:

    Macros must be inside the /MACROS folder. It's safe to delete the other one.
    But just in case, make a backup of the SD card before deleting anything.

  • administrators

    If you want your macros added to the Macros list in Duet Web Control and PanelDue, put them in the /macros folder. If you only intend to run them explicitly from within gcode files or other macros, put them in /sys instead.

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