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  • I'm considering getting a Duet WiFi for a large delta build I am working on. I believe this board has great potential and a rich feature set that fits all/more than I need. However, my current living arrangement requires that I live on a college campus (job requirement). The university does not "allow" rogue wireless networks and so I am unable to have a personal wireless access point I can manage. The only option for wireless connection is the university's password protected network which auto refreshes the log-in every few hours (sometimes every few minutes).

    My question is, is there a way to manage the Duet WiFi via a wired connection through a wireless router (with wireless disabled)? I'd like to use the Duet WiFi since my living arrangements will change in the near future but need a solution that will work for now too.


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    Currently, the only wired connection supported by the Duet WiFi is the USB connection, and this doesn't provide fast file upload to the SD card.

    Is it really a problem to have the Duet WiFi connect to the university's wireless network? You don't need to maintain a network connection from your laptop one you have started a print.

    We have plans for a wired Ethernet version of the Duet WiFi but it won't be available until next year.

  • Speaking from experience, it is a problem to get rogue wireless devices on a school network.

    Does the ESP8266's firmware support connecting to hidden networks? Maybe you could set up your own router with a non-public SSID. I doubt your school would pick up on that.

  • Since it is an employment requirement, breaking the policy would likely result in job action so that is why I do not consider a non-public SSID an option. I will probably just operate via USB until I move off campus (last year at this job). Thank you for the help, I missed the documentation on USB control.

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