M291 messages. How to display them on LCD?

  • Hi,

    Inside my macros I'm using M291 to display messages and waiting for response. But this are sown only on my web page not on PanelDue also. How can I make it work?

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    You will need to wait for the next PanelDue firmware revision.

  • Awesome. Thanks alot!

  • @dc42:

    the next PanelDue firmware revision.

    next meaning 1.18 or later I guess - on version 1.17 the M291 command does not work.

    I had an M291 P"message" S3 command in a macro and this has a disastrous effect on functionality.
    As soon as I execute the macro, the status line at the top of the display shows "busy" and from that moment on I cannot access the SD1 card from the PanelDue anymore.

    Any idea on a release date for a new firmware revision supporting this?

    I just configured some macros to deploy and retract a probe; this requires some manual intervention on my machine so I use the M291 command - works great from the web interface.


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