How hot is too hot for stepper motors?

  • As title really. I have large, heavy X and Y axes on a CoreXY. The motors are rated at 2 amps and I'm running them at 1.8. They seem to be a bit hot so I've stuck K type thermocouples to the casings. After about an hour of printing, one is showing 53 degC, and the other is 56 degC. Is this OK or should I be thinking about dropping the current and/or fitting fans? Thanks

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    The motor specifications should be on the data sheets. In the past I have found 80C to be a maximum specified. Often if they are on 3dprinted mounts those will soften and start to creep at a lower temp than the motor limits.

  • That temp is fine. If you can touch them and keep your finger on them you don't need to worry.

  • Thanks for the reassurance guys. I'll keep an eye on the mounts.

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