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  • Hi guys, I am building a custom large high end fdm printer and would really love to have 7in screen. Unfortunately I was not able to find any decent company that have it. I tried to buy it from the only one who had it - filastruder, and their customer service is ridiculous - accused me of fraud and cancelled the order. I will not be ordering anything from those suckers in future for sure. But long story short - I am looking to purchase the duetwifi board, deutx5 extension (i need to use 3 stepper drivers for Z), and with a 7in touchscreen. I wanted to ask you what kind of quality issues were there, if they are minor, I may just accept that for now, and I need an advice on where I alcan actually purchase it. If not, my another option is to purchase this touch panel separately from banggood for example. I can buy 7in IPS panel there for around $50, but will I be able to wire it to your paneldue controller? That is a real question.

    Also I would like to know where I can email about becoming a distributor in USA, my company will be releasing a website in december, and I decided to add a shop to it as an addon. After all you guys may want to work with somebody actually professional, and whose entire company does not fit into UPS PO box, like filastruder 😉

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    I'm surprised you didn't find Filastruder helpful, it sounds most unlike them.

    See for how to source the controller and the TFT panel separately.

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