What to add next?

  • I have successfully built my D-bot with a Duet Wifi and DeuX5. I have 3 independent Z motors, BLTouch, LEDs around the top for lighting.

    Currently finishing up printing ABS parts to replace the PLA parts I initially built with on a DaVinci Mini. I have noticed a 200% quality increase with using the parts printed from my D-Bot than from that DaVinci.

    I like to tinker, and add stuff, even if it's not necessarily needed.

    What are some of your Duet additions to your printers?

    I'm thinking a filament sensor using an endstop.

    Looking for other ideas, as I have a ton of open ports and such on my Duet and would love to start getting into the fun parts of this board.

    One day, when I build an enclosure I'll add some fans for the enclosure, and a temperature sensor on it as well. But that's going to be a little while down the line.

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    IDEX perhaps?

  • 3 or 5 colour mixing hot end (of you have a masochistic streak)? A few thermostatically controlled fans for cooling electronics or motors? RGB LEDs? Filament sensors?

  • I am currently building a similar setup and working my configuration files at the moment. I am currently debating the following upgrades.

    • Dual Bowden Y-splitter setup for dual colour printing
    • LCD Display of some kind
    • Magnetic removable build platform.
    • Fillment sensors.

  • @dc42:

    IDEX perhaps?

    IDEX Sounds interesting and complicated. I like it!

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