"Unresolved inclusion" & "Type could not be resolved" Eclipse Errors

  • I was browsing the firmware code in eclipse. I see many red underlined pieces of code. I was able to build the firmware, so I don't think these errors are showstoppers. Are these a big deal? Here are examples (I've underlined the portion that is red underlined in eclipse):

    In Configuration.h:
    #include <cstddef>// for size_t

    Hovering over the underlined words, I see "? Unresolved inclusion: <cstddef>"

    Soon after, I see:

    constexpr uint32_t LongTime = 300000; // Milliseconds (5 minutes)

    Hovering the underlined word shows: "Type 'uint32_t' could not be resolved"
    This happens for int8_t, and uint16_t as well

    In RepRap.cpp, I see this:
    tool->UpdateExtruderAndHeaterCount(activeExtruders, activeToolHeaters);
    where the copied and pasted error is:

    Invalid arguments '
    Candidates are:
    void UpdateExtruderAndHeaterCount(unsigned short int &, unsigned short int &)

    And also I see:
    bool RepRap::IsHeaterAssignedToTool(int8_t heater) const
    with the error: Member declaration not found

    There are more than 40 of these similar "errors" in RepRap.cpp and more in other files. Are these actual errors, or just something that Eclipse doesn't recognize? And how do I make it recognize that it shouldn't be underlined?</cstddef></cstddef>

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    Those messages mean the the code analysis in Eclipse isn't working properly. It looks like it hasn't updated its file include paths. I don't see those messages.

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    I have moved this and another thread to the firmware development section

  • Did anybody else have this issue, and if so, how did you fix it?

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    I had to change the Indexing Strategy to "Use Active Build Configuration" to make them go away.

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