Duet - WiFi and Bridging questions

  • I have been looking at how to stream my ripped music from the study (desktop PC, Win XP, iTtunes, Apple lossless, 802.11g WPA wireless network through service provider supplied modem/router) to the audio system in the lounge, probably via the Beresford 7520 DAC (will experiment and see what differences i get with sound quality).

    After having looked at Airport Express and the Squeezebox Duet, I was leaning towards the SBD due to the handheld controller which really appeals.

    However, the Slim Devices forum seems to be full of complaints re the WiFi connectivity of the SBD and the controller.

    Currently the wireless connectio on the PS3 only has a 45% signal strength (earlier was only 17% but without any system changes or other appliances in the house swithching on/off it has now mysteriously improved), but would this typically be enough to set up a stable wireless connection on the SBD?

    Secondly, does the SBD controller link via the receiver or does it set up it's own second wireless link?

    Finally, as i am ordering a custom built wood AV Stand to house all the AV and audio components - to replace an open stand and better manage and conceal what seems like a million connectors & wires - can i use the SBD as a wireless bridge from the receiver to the PS3 via ethernet cable if the wood stand interferes significantly with the wireless network signal strength to the PS3? (the SBD receiver would be on top of the stand and hopefully get a getter wifi signal).

    I would prefer not to have to set up a wired connection to the SBD receiver as this would need about a 40m [120"] ethernet cable routed through low-pitch ceilings (not so much fun) which is exactly what the wireless solution should help me avoid. The other option of relocating the modem/router to the lounge is also a pain, but i suppose is a possible option.

    I can also post before & after pictures of the set up when everything is received (probably about 6 weeks for the new stand) if anyone has an interest.

    Thanks in advance for any comments

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    This is a forum for the Duet3d 3d printing electronics, not the audio system you refer to.

  • Although the title of the thread suggests it would contain a 3D printing question 🙂

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    Yeah thought it was spam to start with and was scratching my head as to how the OP had registered.

  • It was only that I have a bit of an interest in HiFi that I knew about the Squeezebox Duet and realised the mistake that the OP must have made.

    So Duet HiFi as opposed to Duet WiFi 🙂

    Edit. Actually it gets worse 'cos the Squeezebox Duet is also WiFi so it's "Duet HIFi WiFi" 🙂

    Wonder if it can play gcode files in 5.1 surround sound ?…........

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