IR Probe issues

  • I've hooked up the probe to my Duet Ethernet board but it doesn't seem to be working. When powering on, it flashes twice rather than the four times that it should with the Duet. And the P value sometimes changes maybe 1 point when triggered (stays in the range of 465-475).

    I have verified that the wiring is correct and that the crimps are good. I've updated the config.g to M558 P1 followed by the G31 line.

    Any thoughts on what I could try to get it working?

  • administrators

    I suspect that you have the OUT wire from the sensor connected to the wrong pin. It should be connected to the IN pin of the Z probe connector, leaving the MOD pin not connected. Please post a photo showing it if you think you have it wired correctly.

  • You got it. I was wired wrong.

    Thanks for the quick reply

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