Heater tuning on hotend

  • ok guys im getting a little frustrated with the tuning of my e3d hotend, im using all e3d parts inc the sock and everytime i try to tune i get one of 2 responses.

    1st being Auto tune failed as it passed the temp specified in S

    the above has happened when i run M303 H1 P0.12 S250, i have changed the P value from 0.5 right down to 0.12 which causes the the above response

    anything below a P value of 0.12 it gives me this response -
    Auto tune of heater 1 failed due to bad curve fit (G=2022.7, tc=206.4, td=7.6)

    i dont know what i can do to sort it…. any help welcomed

    i am running the latest firmware from DC and parts are V6 cartridge-style heater block, Silicone Sock V6 ,The new cartridge thermistor and 12v 40w Ceramic Heater Cartridge
    as said above these are all from e3d online.

    im not the greatest of understanding all the tech talk but not bad so dumbed down is perfect for me

  • on another side note, i always find heating the printer normally ready for a print it always goes up to about 260 before going down to 251 then heats again to 258 odd then after approx 10mins it seems to stable to 245, but after starint to print it kinda goes between 242 and 248 constantly. prior to installing the new thermister and heater cartridge it was perfect and when heating wouldnt go above 248 then would settle at 245 and be perfect just another question while im at it i guess

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    The gain of your heater is unusually (and dangerously) high. Are you using a 12V heater cartridge with 24V power?

  • Yeah the psu is 24v and heater is 12v 40w version, Doug built my delta ages ago so not sure of the inner workings of my machine I'm more of a building type, it did however work perfect till I changed the hot end thermistor and heater block although I got that failure with the gain at 2022 when auto tune failed wit p value at 0.11

  • Ok spoke to Doug and I screws up the order I thought I bought a new 24v one but it was a 12v one so ordered a new one and will test it Monday hopefully

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