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  • Calibrate method… Can be used with Duet?

  • Without actually trying it I can't see why not. Any calibration method which can generate the correct m665 & m666 parameters and therefore make your delta move correctly is going to work.

    But why wouldn't you use the built in calibration routine either with a probe or manually?

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    I can't recommend that method for these reasons:

    1. It will only give good results if the rods in each pair are both of the same length, but the 3 pairs of rods have different lengths. It's not really any harder to get all 6 rods the same length than it is to get 3 pairs of rods of equal lengths.

    2. RepRapFirmware doesn't currently support setting the 3 pairs of rods to have different lengths.

    3. If you attempt to correct the print size by setting the rods lengths to different values, and the errors in the print size are caused by other factors (which is very likely), you will introduce distortions into the print.

    4. RepRapFirmware provides a command (M579, see for correcting print dimensions anyway.

    My advice is to measure the rod length between bearing centres as accurately as you can, and use that value in the M665 command.

  • Very interesting gcode, M579… Where I can put? In some point of "Config.g"?

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    Very interesting gcode, M579… Where I can put? In some point of "Config.g"?

    Yes, you can put it in config.g. It doesn't matter where.

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