1st multi colour thingy

  • Getting my new printer dialled in. Here are some pics


    It's not my design. It's this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:126567. I used Slic3r to scale it up overall by 200% then scaled the height about another 25%. Height is about 320mm, and it fits in a cylinder about 220mm diameter. Sliced at 0.3mm layer height, 0.5mm nozzle, 3 bottom layers, 4 perimeters, no infill or top layers. Translucent PLA, Red, Yellow and "Clear" (well "natural" anyway). Diamond hot end. Wrote a python script to post process the g-Code file. Basically, it inserts an M567 after every 5th G1 Z to change the mixing ratio so that it changes from 100% Red, though Yellow to clear. Cold bed, blue tape. No print cooling. Perimeter speed 80mm/s, outside perimeters 75%. Total print time around 17 hrs.

  • That's mighty impressive print there,


  • @Dougal1957:

    That's mighty impressive print there,


    Thank you kind sir. Still getting the machine dialled in. There are slight defects on layer change to address. I need to refine retraction which'll probably fix it.

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    Fantastic Ian! Is that using the external driver I sent you?

  • @T3P3Tony:

    Fantastic Ian! Is that using the external driver I sent you?

    Sure is Tony. I had to tweak the current down from how you supplied it as I have very small 0.4Amp steppers on the E3d Titans but other than, it's working fine (at least good enough to start dialling the machine in). I was just about to send you an email - check your inbox in about half an hour. Cheers. Ian

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