M579 issue - no motor movement

  • Hello there! Im trying to calibrate my CoreXY printer. The printer itself works as intended, but the parts beeing printed is not the correct scale.

    From some searching I came over the "M579" command to compensate for this. I added in "M579 X0 Y1.01" in my config.g file, but adding this prevents the steppers from moving. Adding a little video of the issue: https://streamable.com/ebgf3

    If I uncomment this command everything works fine again. Any idea what causes this, and how I could fix it?

  • administrators

    Try changing X0 to X1.0 in that command.

  • @dc42:

    Try changing X0 to X1.0 in that command.

    Can't belive I missed that after calculating the values and reading the wiki o.o


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