CoreXYUV 5 axis homing

  • Following on from a couple of threads in these forums, this is all now working on my printer. I've just done a post on my blog which explains what is necessary to configure the Duet electronics and there is a little video of it in action on my YouTube Channel .

  • It looks like it is working well, great job!.

    So you can remap drives after homing them and they don't lose their location?

  • @timcurtis67:

    So you can remap drives after homing them and they don't lose their location?

    Hi Tim,

    Correct - it's the axis position that needs to be established by homing. So it shouldn't matter if drives are later mapped to those (homed) axes as long as the axes maintain their physical position. I guess there might be a small caveat in that if a drive was previously mapped to a different axis and happened to be in a partial step position (i.e. somewhere between two full steps), then was then re-mapped it might then jump to the nearest full step the next time it was asked to move? I'm also not sure what would happen if you had to rely on motors being energised to maintain position, such as a belt drive Z with a heavy bed. Dunno really - no doubt David would be able to answer that.

    In my case it's academic because the same drives are always connected to the same physical axes ad the carriages maintain their positions with or without power. It's just that most of the time, the upper axes are joined to the lower ones by the fact that both upper and lower motors and connected to the same axis as far as the Duet is concerned, but during homing the upper drives are temporarily assigned to separate axes but they are still physically connected the same way. (I've just re-read that sentence and it does seem confusing but I don't know how to re-phrase it). Even if there was a small change in position, it wouldn't really matter for X and Y homing on CoreXY.


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