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  • Hi, I wanted to make sure Rev 1.16 is the latest Paneldue firmware? I just updated my DuetWifi to 1.19 and my Paneldue to 1.16 and wanted to double check that I have the correct stable versions.

    Also I am running my Duetwifi from a 5 volt power supply (rated at 3 amps), then I have a 24 volt supply that is switched on/off with the duet. Should I run a 5 volt line from the 5 volt power supply directly to the paneldue or is the 5 volt feed from the duetwifi board enough to power it when the 24 volt power supply is switched off?

    I want to thank David and all the support people on this forum for the hard work they do. I did these updates last night without any issues at all. I followed all the directions on the wiki pages and everything worked great when I finished. Even the connection to my router has been excellent, Thank you again for great products!

    Thanks for any help,

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    The 5V feed from the Duet should be sufficient, although you may notice the PanelDue screen dim slightly when 24V power is removed.

    Panel Due firmware is at 1.17.

  • Okay, Thank you David.

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