Diamond hotend

  • Hi, this is JR OH from S.korea and would appreciate for help.

    I'm trying to make own printer with DUETWIFI + DUEX5 + DIAMOND HOTEND 5 COLORS and wonder of belows.

    1. Wiring for motors
    Installed one X-motor, 2 Y-motors, 4 Z-motors(combined 2 wires to 1, so 2 connectors), and 5 extruder motors. So total 10connectors for motors.
    In this case, can I connect pins as follows?

    1 X-motor to X-pin of Duetwifi
    2 Y-motors to E0 and E1 pins of Duetwifi
    2 Z-motors to 2 Z-pins of Duetwifi
    5 extruder-motors to DUEX5

    2. Wiring for endstops
    I gonna use 6endstops for min/max and bought endstop sensors but jumper connectors are ordered 5V, GND, SIGNAL while Duexwifi board indicating GND, 5V, SIGNAL which means GND and 5V is adverse. Should I cut and re-crimp?

    And also which pins should I use?

    X, Y, Z endstops of Duetwifi for Minimum and another 3pins of DUEX5 for Maximum. Is is okay?

    3. Diamond Hotend fullcolor
    How to set Gcode on Duet firmware in order to fully operate Diamond Hotend 5 extruders?
    And which program is the best for slicing for diamond hotend?


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    1. You can do that, however you would be running all 4 Z motors from one driver. I suggest you connect 2 of the Z motors to ZA and ZB, and two more connected in series to Y.

    2. For homing X and Y you just need either a min or a max endstop. You can use a switch at the other end as an emergency stop if you wish. The Duet endstop connectors are 3.3V not 5V, so check that your endstops are 3.3V compatible. You will need to cut and re-crimp.

    3. Read deckingman's blog on using the Diamond, https://somei3deas.wordpress.com.

  • Thanks so much for your quick response and wish my understanding is correct on your recommendation.

    • 4 z-motors : one to ZA and one to ZB pins separately and another 2 motors to Y-pin in series.
    • 2 y-motors : E0 and E1 pins separately.

    And endstop is Makerbot mechanical endstop and found instruction on Duetwiki.

    quote //

    Makerbot Mechanical Endstop v1.2
    Connect it to the Duet endstop connector as follows. Note: the pins on the Duet endstop connector are not in the same order as on RAMPS!

    Unfortunately the pin markings on the Makerbot endstop board are hidden underneath the connector. Pin 1 is next to the long edge of the board that does not have the microswitch on it, and pin 4 is nearest the edge with the microswitch.

    These devices produce an active-low output, so use the S0 parameter in your M574 command.

    // unquote

    So I guess voltage is correct 3.3v but need to do re-crimp as pin order is adverse and set S0 at M574.


    Appreciate for your confirm whether above is correct.


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