Trouble setting up power recover, no ressurect.g file created

  • I am having very basic problem during setup or resume after power failure
    I can't find a powerfail.g file after power loss.

    this is my config files on firmware 1.19 I am running a 24V system with 2 PSU one for bed and one for elettronics on a CoreXY printer


    G1 Z3 F3000
    G1 E-4 F3600

    G1 E4 F3600


    G1 E2 F3600


    M911 S12.0:19.5:22.0

  • administrators

    The power fail handling works much better in the 1.20beta series, so I suggest you upgrade to 1.20beta11. Note, the powerfail.g file is no longer used and the M911 command format is changed.

  • ok time to update 🙂

  • I updated to 1.20 and now the resurrect.g file was created

    my resurrect.g

    ; File "0:/gcodes/vase mode20mm_calibration_cube.gcode" resume print after print paused at 2017-12-01 23:43
    M140 S60.0
    G10 P0 S205 R0
    T0 P0
    G29 S1
    M98 Presurrect-prologue.g
    M106 P0 S0.00
    M106 P2 S0.00
    M106 P3 S0.00
    M106 P4 S0.00
    M106 P5 S0.00
    M106 P6 S0.00
    M106 P7 S0.00
    M106 P8 S0.00
    M106 S0.00
    M290 S0.000
    G92 E391.75861
    M23 0:/gcodes/vase mode20mm_calibration_cube.gcode
    M26 S19664 P0.000
    G0 F6000 Z2.180
    G0 F6000 X80.61 Y143.44
    G0 F6000 Z0.180
    G1 F1200.0 P0

    Now i have trouble understanding how to make the bed calibration after resume.
    I am using a bl-touch for bed levelling.

    my bed.g

    G1 Z6 F200
    M98 Pdeployprobe.g
    ;M557 X30:270 Y30:270 S60  Buono 
    M557 X100:200 Y100:200 S50
    M98 Pretractprobe.g

    If I understand correctly I could make 4 sampling at the very corner of the bed raising the Z above the printed part before sampling . but I really don't know how achieve it .
    I have a corexy printer with 300x300 bed

  • administrators

    The height map that you used during the print will be loaded automatically by the resurrect.g file (it uses G29 S2). So all you really need to do is to set an accurate Z height when you resume the print. You can do this by moving the head to one of the corners, lowering it to about 5mm above the bed, then executing G30. If there is a bed height error at that corner, you can use an H parameter on the G30 command to correct for it.

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