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  • Hi,

    I am interested in remote monitor print work when I am outside the Lan, by Wan…

    What are the steps for correct setup? Something like this:

    A- Setup Duet with fixed Ip
    B- In Router, redirect traffic to port 80, to fixed Ip

    I suppose... But..

    There is some kind of possibility put a user and password? For protect from remote access?

  • does your router support VPN? if so thats your answer. Alternatively you can set up a nginx/apache server with password protection on a raspberry pi and set up routing through that.

  • Another possibility is to up ssh server on router, nowadays most of them have it. You can make access to it by private key file that is more secure then login/password. Then you can use local port forwarding to redirect traffic to your Duet, something like
    ssh -L 8080:Duet_IP:80 routerIP.
    If you run Windows you can use Putty for the same purpose
    Then type in browser's address line
    and you get secure encrypted access to your Duet.
    Google "ssh port forwarding" to get detailed info.

    Added: all above said is possible only if your home router has access from outside (white IP, not grey IP hidden by provider's NAT). The same is true for VPN too.

    1. set a password using the M551 command in your config.g
    2. set your Duet to have fixed IP as you suggested - (my preference is via reservation)
    3. if you don't have fixed IP from your ISP, use a dynamic dns service
    4. set port forwarding.. to avoid possibility of your ISP blocking or Bandwith limiting port 80, preferably use an obscure port - IE port forward 7193 from external or some other random port to your DUET port 80

    then from outside connect to your router ip address (or dddns name) on your random port.. it will not let you do anything or see current activity on your printer without putting in your password from step1

    I do this for for my printer, along with a webcam so I can monitor prints when I am at work from my pc or my phone when I'm out for dinner etc, and stop the printer if I need to etc. I can also show off the prints to others lol.

    Sure VPN and SSH and other methods might be more robust security but they add complexity and steps to monitor. I'm in the "I just want to get it working simply and with at least some form of password protection" camp

  • thanks

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