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  • Hi everyone, I'm editing the PCB/schematics of the DuetEthernet project to redirect some IO to add functionality.

    I was looking for the custom footprint libraries that Cvpcb refers to as "FE Footprints" and noticed that they are only found under Duet > DuetWifi > Old versions.
    Two questions:
    1. Is it correct to use the v1.01 footprints for the current v1.02 or is the repo genuinely missing the up-to-date version of it under Duet > DuetWifi > DuetWifiv1.02?
    2. Do I need to include other libraries for the Kicad project and where might they be?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Tony is the person to answer this, however I doubt that the footprints file changed between 1.01 and 1.02.

  • After a bit of digging around I realised that the files I was referring to (.mod) are apparently, to Kicad, legacy files.

    In the PCB project, all components refer to "complib" and "FE Footprints" (I have answered myself question #2).
    Complib.pretty has been updated to the current format '.kicad_mod' but the 'FE Footprints' are still in legacy mode under 'Old versions' sub directory. Something doesn't feel right about this but perhaps it's being used in legacy mode atm.

    Does Tony pick up the forum questions?

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    FE footprints was the old library, complib was the new. Some footprints are still used from fefootprints where I have not changed to complib it's no problem to keep using both however you should add new footprints to complib.

    Sorry for missing this thread.

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