Error: Setting temperature: no tool selected. Finished printing file

  • After updating firmware at 1.20 from 1.19 I am having this error at the end of all print.
    Any idea?

  • administrators

    Please post the last 20 or so lines of your gcode file (not counting any comments at the very end).

  • G1 X108.858 Y149.171 E0.0256 F792
    G1 X108.878 Y149.117 E0.0278
    G1 X108.869 Y149.115 E0.0281
    G1 X108.313 Y149.038 E0.0494
    G1 X107.783 Y149.568 E0.0778
    G1 X107.502 Y149.535 E0.0885
    G1 X107.145 Y149.527 E0.1021
    G1 X107.692 Y148.980 E0.1314
    G1 X107.397 Y148.964 E0.1427
    G1 X107.025 Y148.968 E0.1567
    G1 X106.421 Y149.572 E0.1891
    G1 X106.256 Y149.585 E0.1954
    G1 X105.617 Y149.707 E0.2201
    G1 X105.615 Y149.699 E0.2204
    G1 X106.324 Y148.990 E0.2584
    G1 X105.613 Y149.050 E0.2855
    G1 X105.579 Y149.057 E0.2868
    G1 X105.482 Y149.154 E0.2920
    G92 E0
    G1 E-2.2000 F3600
    ; layer end
    G0 Z5
    G1 E-5
    G0 Y300
    G28 X0
    M104 T0 S0
    M104 T1 S0
    M106 S0; spegne ventole
    M140 S0; spegne piano

  • It could be the M104 commands because according to the Wiki there is no T parameter and also that command is deprecated. Suggest you use G10 P0 S0 R0 and P1 for the second tool.

  • administrators

    I can't see anything in that GCode that would account for the error message.

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