Recomendation Extruder/Nozzle

  • Hi,

    For the momento i will not change the steppers motors…. And I'm thinking of upgrading (extruder and/or Nozzle).

    Some recommendation, to work with ABS and PLA, and nozzle of 0, 4 mm.

    Also the most advisable way to place the extruder (Bowden, fliying or direct)

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    The two extruders I have had most success with are the spring loaded variant of the Ormerod extruder, and the Titan. Both are geared with approximately 3:1 gear ratio.

    Ormerod extruder advantages:

    • Low cost, if you already have a 3D printer that can print the gears and other parts
    • Turns the filament 90 degrees, which is helpful in many configurations
    • If you need to take it apart, there is just one screw to remove (the same screw that adjusts the tension)
    • It constrains the filament very well

    Ormerod extruder disadvantages:

    • Doesn't have a pneumatic connector, so you need to screw a brass Bowden end onto the Bowden tube. I printed a version that a pneumatic connector could be screwed into, but the thread wasn't strong enough to take the force and it broke after a while.

    Titan advantages:

    • It comes as a complete kit
    • You don't need to print anything other than a bracket to mount it on
    • You can get at the hobbed shaft to clean it without taking it apart

    Titan disadvantages:

    • Doesn't constrain the filament as well as the Ormerod extruder. I had PETG filament buckle in it.
    • I find that when loading filament, I often need to take it apart because the filament catches on something. It's a pain to take apart because there are 4 screws to remove.

    There are many other types of extruder drive that I haven't tried e.g. Bondtech, Flex3drive, Nimble.

  • I've tried wades extruder, simple direct drive printed extruder both nema 17 and scaled for nema 14 (geared motor), titan (and clone), flex3drive and nimble.

    I think David covered titan fairly well but I'd say it does constrain the filament well if you use the little plastic part above the hotend or bowden adaptor and make sure you put a ptfe tube inside it (for 1.75mm). I've printed flex 41 on it which is very flexible.

    Wades extruder works and is tried and tested but it's a big clunky unit by modern standards.

    I've written here and elsewhere about flex3drive and nimble both of which are highly capable where space or mass is at a premium.

  • Hi,

    someone have used this:

    Seems good…. and expensive

  • The Nimble is cheaper lighter and does away with the Bowden tube see

  • I have two delta printers, one printer with a titan and one with a Nimble. Both are great, although I prefer the nimble due to ability to use more plastic types (ninja flex) and reduced retraction distance with a direct drive.

  • @peirof:


    someone have used this:

    Seems good…. and expensive

    I'm using the Bondtech and so far it's been super, the Titan I had started with gave me all sorts of issues from noise to screws coming un done and it really struggled to push filament down a 1m tube, with the bondtech with the exception of running it backwards and using a bowden adapter instead of the built-in one as I'm using Capricorn tube it hasn't stripped filament or missed a step yet.

  • Nimble in use here. Great addition. Very easy to load. I did have to drop my feed rate though.

  • Hi,

    for the moment… i like Nimble, think is a good option for a delta printer, short distance to extruder, low mass moving.... the only thing i dont like... is price. XD

  • Peirof did you fix your dimensional issue???

  • I am triying… this morning i have tight the belts... and now i am starting a médium print....

    later say something


  • Nibble ordered… 10 days, aprox.

    Martín_S, a half, completely no... For the moment I am scaling with slicer.

    I know there isn't the best solution... But I am close of the measure... :-(...

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