Motors step loss

  • Hi,

    i have finished my Duet conversion, a Delta Tevo Little Monster….

    After some prints of small objects, i have I have tried to print an object of intermediate size, and it has not gone well.

    What happened to me?

    The previous impressions, small objects have gone well but when I tried an object of intermediate size.

    The object has begun to print well, I have used PLA at speeds I think it drops about 3000mm / min.

    After about 20/25 layers, 3 layers per millimeter. The layers have started to move, maybe 1 mm or 2 mm.

    I have discarded, I think, the mechanical problems one thing that I would fail to check is if the voltages of the motors are correct .... but I do not know how to look at it.

    Another thing, I do not know if it will be possible, it sounds to me that in the last versions of the Firmware, there is a control of loss of steps, but I do not know how to use it.

    Any idea where can I start?

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