Gcode step error

  • Hi,

    I am not sure, but I have read, maybe, there is a gcode for see log of stepper motors errors, when they salt and step.

    I am having problems with layer alignment and one possibility is this, I want check.

    In a Delta Printer. What is the correct tension of timing belt? How archive?

    Another… Someone can give feedback if test timing belts with steel?
    Like this

    10 Metros 2GT-6 Ancho de la Correa de Distribución de Poliuretano Abierto de 6mm para la Impresora RepRap 3D Accesorio de Núcleo de Acero Blanco CNC https://www.amazon.es/dp/B0748D1GF3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_DAYjAbX9T44SG

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    The M122 report includes a Step Error count.

    Steel cored belts are not suitable for use with the small diameter pulleys used on delta printers.

    What is the rated current of your stepper motors, and what current are you running them at?

  • Hi,

    Original setup tension was: x=y=z=1800 and E=1500

    Modified to: x=y=z=1100 and E=880

    But after test it, the same. I am going try add more tension to belts.

    I wan to discard a configuration problem… For this M122...

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    What model of stepper motor are you using?

  • hi,

    Are the stock stepper motors, nema 17 - 17HD8401-C5.18

    i am going to make another test, have tensionig the belts.
    After gcode M122, no report error with steppers motors….

    i hope are the belts...

    With small objets, 30x30x30 mm, no problem, they start with médium objets. I suppose, when axis, belts, move more distance....

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