Web Interface Freeze After Auto-Calibration

  • Hi all!

    I just finished re-building my Rostock with a new Duet Wifi, 0.9° steppers, and a 24V power supply.

    Everything is working perfectly and the improvement in print quality over the stock 1.8° steppers that came stock with the Rostock is incredible, especially when printing at small layer heights.

    The only issue I am having is that the web interface freezes after the auto-calibration completes and tries to pull up the height map. The same thing happens if I try to load the height map and view it after reloading the web interface.

    Any ideas as to what may be causing this issue?

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    What browser and firmware versions are you using?

  • that is very similar to what I am getting but only on mesh bed see my post on this running latest RC2 versions

  • I have the same Issue everything is ok but when i Calibrate i cannot connect to my Printer but im able to print though i cannot see the status nor reconnect to the printer.

  • sorry for hijacking this happens with Chrome Firefox and even with Edge

    Runningits FW RC2
    Wifi Beta10 i believe
    and RC3 Webclient

  • Thanks for all of the responses and sorry for the delayed response!

    I am using firmware and wifi version 1.19 and web interface 1.15a and using Google Chrome, but the same errors present in Internet Explorer as well.

    It appears that I was having an occasional probing error that was causing some of the errors, and I have fixed that issue. At this point, I can run the auto-calibration and the web interface will not freeze and the G-code console will report the adjustment, but when I try to load the heightmap the web interface will still freeze.


  • your web interface (DWC) version is old.
    Upgrade to latest firmware/DWC version (1.20)

  • Thanks, that did the trick!

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