Web interface not working anymore

  • Hi!

    Yesterday, I configured DWC to use my new webcam, based on a pizerow running motioneyeos. Right after saving the config, I didn't see the video flux. I then hit F5 to refresh the GUI, and since this moment, DWC does not work Anymore. I see the main GUI, but the navigator still waits for datas: I can't connect, buttons don't work…

    What puzzles me is I already used a webcam (based on an old RPi 1, running same motioneyeos), and all worked fine. DWC was configured on another machine...

    Any idea what's going on? How can I debug this? I tried to remove all cookies, no change. And I have the same problem under Chromium and Firefox.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Have you now disabled the webcam in DWC?

    DWC stores its settings in HTML5 local storage, not cookies. So that's what you need to clear to revert to default settings.

  • As I don't have access to a working GUI, I can't do anything from DWC.

    Where is this HTML5 local storage? On my computer (browser), or on Duet SD card?

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    HTML local storage is maintained by the browser. In Chrome I presume it is included in "Cookies and other site data" if you need to clear it.

    Which firmware version are you running, and which version of DuetWiFiserver if mit is a Duet WiFi?

    Web interface issues are sometimes caused by the .js and .html files in DWC becoming mismatched, either because of mixed versions in the /www folder or because the browser has cached the .js file.

    Have you tried pressing control-shift-J to enable the debugging console, to see if there are any exception messages?

  • I tried to remove cookies and all duet related stuffs from Chromium without change.

    I will connect through USB to retrieve firmware versions.

    There are 2 things strange: I did this before, with my previous camera (same motioneyeos config), from another chromium, on another machine, and it worked fine. And this time, when it failed in Chromium, I switched to Firefox, and I had the same symptoms. If the config is browser dependent, why is it not working from Firefox?

    And yes, I tried the debug console, but didn't see anything relevant.

  • BTW, I think the problem was related with the poor wifi signal strength. As soon as I had the camera link, it failed to communicate. With the new ESP module, with antenna, all is working fine.

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