Duetwifi won't trigger endstop

  • Hi

    I am trying to use the pinda probe (prusa z probe for mk2s) on the probe input as follows.

    5v –-> 5v (from panel due connector)
    gnd ---> gnd(from panel due connector)
    singnal ----> IN(probe connector)

    I have fitted a voltage divider to match around 1.7v then plugged that into the probe input.
    I set the probe mode to be 5.

    The adc does appear to register the fact that when it's triggered it logic high since on the web interface it says Z-probe : 1000 and it's red.

    But when I go to the machine properties page, it says the endstop hasn't been triggered why?

    I have eliminated my dodgy crimping skills by using a male to female dunpont cable.

    First of all are my connections correct? if so then I need help on configuration.

    now fixed it. I used configuration tool instead of just editing the config.g then it worked.

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