Duet wifi not booting after short

  • so something bad happened and there was a short and i burned a hole thru the top of U2, ive since replaced U2 and still cant get anything, i just have a couple leds on and then it seems like all of the other leds on the board are very dimly lit, just noticed that if i plug in usb the metal cage on the micro sd card gets very hot and the can on the wifi module starts to get rather hot too, i have a bad feeling that the board is dead, anything else i can look at that might be borked?

    EDIT: if i remove the sd card the dimly lit leds go off and the 3.3v led gets brighter

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    I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune. How did the short happen? It sounds like it was between a 12V or 24V connection and either +3.3V or +5V. In the rare cases when this happens, the excessive voltage on the +3.3V rail causes multiple components to fail, sometimes including the SD card as appears to have happened in your case. Sadly the board is usually beyond economic repair when this happens.

  • Pretty sure it was a wiring mistake on my part, but that is what I feared, will get another board and be more careful with it this time, thank you for the reaponce

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