Fan Not Configured/Mounted Correctly?

  • Okay, I am taking it real slow setting up my Duet Ethernet.

    1. Connected hot end and ran an Auto Calibration (M303 H1 S240). Have E3D cooling fan connected to FAN0 with RED wire on V_FAN.
    2. Send M303 H1 S240 to Duet and as expected, fan turn on immediately, heater comes on and it does its calibration.
    3. However, it seems like the fan may be turning in the WRONG direction as it is NOT blowing air across the heatsink as it is on by Prusa MK2S.
    4. Tried reversing the connection….won't run.
    5. Tried modifying config.g from:
    a. M106 P0 S1 I0 F500 H1 T45 to
    b. M106 P0 S1 I1 F500 H1 won't run.

    I know that the first thing that might be obvious here is "you have the fan on backwards" and that just might be the case. However it is installed EXACTLY how E3D shows it on their website...

    Since this is my first build of both E3D hot end and setup of Duet Ethernet, I am hoping someone can shed some insight.

    Thank You

  • Checked both my e3dv6 and my lite6 fans/mounts. The rear of the fan that is visible while its installed is exposed/frameless and the frame/wire side of the fan is mounted facing inward toward the heat sink fins and not visible when installed (Same as e3dv6 pictures on manufactures site). When in doubt unscrew, flip, and reinstall? Hope this helps.

  • @MadeBye, mine is the same way. Turned the fan around, unlike the pictures on the website and tried it.

    It appears that there is significant back pressure , even though the hot end is brand new, to make it feel like the flow is going the wrong way. However when I turned the fan around with the sticker facing outward, it was much worse.

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    It's normal to feel backwash from the front of a fan when the back pressure is significant. I printed a backwash eliminator for the 40mm fan on my Ormerod to eliminate it. In theory, it should increase the cooling efficiency as well. The design is at The OpenScad file is there, so it could be adapted to suit the E3D 30mm fans.

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