Yet another external driver question

  • Hello all, total noob here to Duet and 3d printers. This is my first post here. My knowledge of electronics is very limited. I'm still waiting for my Duet Ethernet. Having said that :), I have a set of 2HSS57 hybrid step-servo drivers with 57J1880EC-1000 steppers. I would like, if possible to get them working with the Duet. I have also bought an expansion breakout board. So, the connection, I think, should be as follows:

    Duet Exp Board 2HSS57
    Step + PLS +
    Step - PLS -
    Dir + DIR +
    Dir - DIR -
    Enable + ENA+
    Enable - ENA -

    Looks easy so far, but the 2HSS57 also has the alarm terminals, ALM + and ALM -. What do I do with those? Can this driver work with Duet?

    Thank you in advance, with apologies for my idiocy. Chris.

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    The ALM pins are outputs that signal a fault with the drive, although it's not clear to me what sorts of fault are signalled. You can leave them unconnected. Alternatively, you can connect all of them in parallel to the STP (+) and GND (-) pins of a spare endstop input; then configure a trigger on that endstop input, for example to pause the print on a high-to-low transition.

  • Thank you David. I don't know how to display an image here but I've found a manual for this driver and it shows the following

    So if I need this resistor, where do I actually put it? Also, the ALM + is shown as left open and the ALM - goes to the ground, so I can use the GND (-) pin of a spare endstop input. Sorry David. This is a steep learning curve for me.

  • OK, So if I need this resistor, can I use the spare PWM pins on the expansion board: ALM - to GND and 3~5K resistor between 5V+ on the expansion board and the ALM+ terminal on the driver?

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    You don't need that resistor because it's already on the Duet. Just connect ALM- to GND on your chosen spare endstop input, and ALM+ to STP of the same endstop input.

  • we have the same setup, were you able to get your endstops to work? mine register on the led's and firmware but do not stop the movement.

  • David, thank you for your instruction.
    Hi mhallett, my printer does not exist yet. My Duet will arrive sometime in January. I will share my endstop experiences with you 🙂

  • Not sure how your printer will turn out but I have Hss57 drives and they hate fine slow movements like mesh bed leveling. They make all types of noise. I switched my 3Z Motors back to my regular nema 23s and have no issues.

  • Hi mhalett, have you tried to make any internal parameter adjustments with the HISU unit? It is going to be a while before I can experiment myself as nearly all of my stuff will be coming from China and the DUET from the UK, of course. 🙂 I'm still waiting…The manual for the 2HSS57 claims that they are "smooth and reliable moving at low speed".

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