Titan Aero Settings

  • Hi does any one have a Titan Aero setup for the Duet? I did some lookging but cann't find anything specific.

    If you could please post your settings it would be a great help for me.

    Still some much to learn here.


  • I have a normal Titan setup, which is normally the same, what information do you need?
    Steps per mm? are you using the supplied motor from E3D?

  • Which settings? Steps/mm is dependent on your motor and then tweaking it.

    I use a tiny pancake motor with mine with 16x microstepping and 415steps/mm and 850mA with pressure advance turned on at .05

  • BTW, E3D had a batch of bad bearings over the summer. Check that both bearings in yours turn smoothly. Both of mine were junk which was causing skipping so I replaced them. E3D offered to send me replacements but it was quicker and really cheap to get them myself. They are common r/c wheel bearings.

  • Hi and thanks to all for the quick answers. I have the full kit motor (supplied E3D) and all.
    Si i need to know setting for the heater, thermistor seeing I not sure if to use R4700 or R1000 or what ever, motor control and fan.
    Also have the sensor for the bed so that too. Even the tools settings would be great.
    Much better to start with the correct setting than doing trial and error.
    thanks so much for your help.

  • As per E3Ds online docs I think you are after the following line in your config file to setup the thermistor.

    M305 P1 B4725 C7.060000e-8

    E3D Titan Aero assembly instructions:


    E3D Reprap Firmware instructions:


  • I got a E3D Titan and V6 this summer for use at work and had duff bearings. Seamed to rust out and squeaked loudly! E3D sent out some new replacement bearings with no hassle whatsoever. I have found that the Standard motor on the titan to be underpowered for some TPUs that I was trying to process but this may well have been a combination of bad mounting and failed bearings.

  • You may need to look at the R value from your current config and add that to the M305 command. The value for this will depend on whether you have a 1000 or 4700 ohm series resistor on your duet. I know this page is about an Ormerod but they discuss the series resistors in the instructions.


  • Thanks for the replys will try as soon as I get back home.

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