Overheated SD card and no Temps reported

  • First time plugging my Duet Wifi v1.02 board in. with the provided memory card in the memory card slot.
    I tapped on the memory card icon on the PanelDue and showed zero files.
    Pull the SD card out and nearly burned my finger when I touched the metal shield around the SD card on the board.
    plugged the SD card into my own card reader to see if it was working fine or if there was something on the board, Same issue, my card reader nearly overheated.
    After that i used spare SD card i had and put it into the Duet, and no over heating. But it doesn't read the SD card contents of the new card, that reads on every other device, including my Kossel Delta.
    Since that initial overheating, no temperatures appear with my bed sensor and my nozzle sensor connected.
    some of the diagnostic LEDs seem to flicker really fast or not at all, as if a fuse brew.

    Not sure what to check here. If anyone can advice what to check and how to find the issues if its even fixable that would be awesome!
    All the hardware is a Printrbot Simple Metal. the only difference the E3D v6 Nozzle/heater/sensor. That PrintrBoard died after a long run of use so i decided i wanted to put some more power into it.
    I have been testing with a 12v 10amp just to get all the firmware and everything installed and showing proper, and i have a 12v 30amp power supply on order.

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    I am sorry to hear that you are having problems. The temperature readings won't work without a valid configuration file on the SD card. See https://duet3d.com/wiki/SD_card_folder_structure for the required folder structure and a link to initial contents of the SD card. However, if the Duet is working, then after it gives up looking for the configuration file it should respond to the PanelDue, which will then display Idle instead of Connecting.

    If you still can't get a response even with the correct SD card structure, please work through https://duet3d.com/wiki/What_to_do_if_your_Duet_or_Duet_WiFi_won%27t_respond.

  • Ok, ill start with those. so even the SD card button wont show the contents of the SD card until there is a functional folder structure?
    i understand that when it comes to the temp sensors, just curious if its the same just for reading the card period.

  • Well, looks like it did the same thing, it burned my extra memory card. i put the folders on with the build files from the congifurator tool and got the same thing. stepped away for 10 minutes, came back and pulled the memory card out, and dropped it cause it was so hot. now that memory card doesn't work in anything.

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    It sounds to me that there is excessive voltage on the 3.3V rail. Do you have anything else connected to the Duet, apart from VIN power and perhaps a USB connection and PanelDue?

  • I have the steppers and sensors. No other power sources though. Not even the USB. Just the 12v power supply

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    Do you have the hot end wiring connected, and if so, what type of Z probe (if any) are you using?

  • Hot end yes. And z probe is an npn no capacitive

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    Do you have either +3.3V (from the Z probe connector, and endstop connector or the expansion connector) or +5V going to the hot end?

  • the Z Probe is not connected just yet, the hot end is connected to E0 on its ground and VIN. and on the endstops i have the GND and end stop wires connected but not the 3.3v(the plugs used on the printrbot use only the outer 2 pins)
    i followed this

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    I'm sorry, it sounds to me that your Duet is faulty. Please ask your supplier to replace it.

  • i purchased it directly from Duet

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    Email info at Duet3D for com then.

  • Done, thanks.

    It would be awesome if there was a part of the site that would show the different model boards and people could create an overlay entry for wiring examples for different parts and/or printers.

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    We're in the process of moving to a different wiki system, which will make it easier for users to add content.

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