Shorted Hotend Fan = no fan work anymore

  • Hi there i made a mistake while i wired my new Noctua Fan.
    I shorted the + and - of my Wires directly and something blowed away (was like a silten blob) and it smelled realy awfull.

    Now the Duet Wifi still works except for the Fans.
    Any Idea what onboard gave up?

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    If you shorted out one of the controlled fan outputs, the corresponding fan mosfet will have failed. You will probably be able to see which one. See

    If none of the fan outputs is working, then the trace connecting the V_FAN pin on the fan voltage selector jumper to +VIN on the power input terminal block has probably fused. You can bypass it with a piece of wire on the underside of the board.

  • No one of my Fans is working anymore 😞

    Is there a way to replace the Part to get everything working like before?
    Bypassing it sounds realy bad but can you show me on a Picture how to do that anyway?

    (If i bypass it is it possible to control my Fans like before?)

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    Use a multimeter to confirm that there is no longer any continuity between the two pins circled in red in this image. Then connect them together using a piece of insulated wire.

  • THX dc42

    My Fans are now running again.

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