Hiding SD Card folders and putting gcode on it

  • When putting g-code on the actual physical sd card, do they need to go into a specific folder? Or is Duet smart enough to take it and put it in the right folder by itself?

    Separate question: would it be possible to somehow put all those folders that are on the SD card into one single folder, or to hide them altogether? This way it is easier to just put the gcode file directly on the disk, or i only have to find one easy-to-find folder (sometimes I don't have my reading glasses to read the folders properly).

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  • To elaborate on the link that David supplied, the gcodes all go into a gcode folder but you can then use sub folders and these folders can also have sub folders. For example, I have 3 and 5 colour Diamond hot ends but I often print single colour object and also different filaments. So my folder structure is "gcodes", then sub folders "3 colour", "5 colour" and "Single colour". Then each of those sub folder has "PLA", "PET-G", "EDGE", "TGlass" etc. There are further sub folders within this structure, for example all the parts for my printer are in a further sub folder of gcodes - single colour - PLA called "Tall CoreXY".

  • Thanks for the link. Doesn't seem like my answers are in there, but I can assume that the gcode folders must be put into the gcode folder manually and that it won't automatically move it itself.

    As for my other question, I can also assume I can't put www, sys, and macros into one single folder. Or can't hide them in some other way.

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    You can create new subfolders of /gcodes using Duet Web Control. There is a "Make new directory" button on the GCode Files page.

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