Constant disconnects from DWC

  • I have upgraded all firmware to the newest yesterday, I am however now experiencing constant disconnects from the DWC, I have to then either close and reopen chrome to get it too connect again, or stop network on panel due direct and restart it with the m552 s0 and s1 respectively.

    not sure what's causing the issues

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    Do you mean latest stable firmware or latest edge firmware?

  • Hey David, not sure what Rommie means, but I have similar experience with the latest stable.

    Also when the thing doesn't work, it responds to pings and immediately closes telnet connections, so I have to hook up to USB to restart network.

  • I'm on 1.20.1rc2 on firmware, 1.20+1 for wifi server and, 1.20 rc3 on dwc version. I have set macros up now so I can just use the panel due to reset the wifi turning off then on, I have been speaking to doug and he said to try rolling back to 1.20 on wifi server and try that. Will let ya know how it goes..

    There is also another chap on our discord channel that has had the same issues after upgrading his firmware from 1.19 to the 1.20+1 too

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