G30-ERROR: Z probe already triggered at start of probing (solved)

  • Duet 0.85 firmware 1.20 beta

    I just installed the delta-effector to my printer. But every time i want to check the probe with the G30 command i get the following Error:
    G30 Error: Z probe already triggered at start of probing move.
    When i add The I1 parameter to the M558 command in the config-file, i don't get the error and the G30 command starts, but the head crashes on the bed although the probe triggers on impact.

    Anybody any idea?

  • administrators

    Did you check that the green LED on the effector is normally off, but it flashes on if you give the nozzle a tap upwards?

    If yes then I suggest you either upgrade to 1.20 release firmware, or change P5 to P1 in your M558 command. P5 didn't work on the Duet 085 until it was fixed in one of the 1.20RC releases.

  • Thnx, I will try first the firmware upgrade

  • Thanks a lot, works like a charm

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