Drive 2 option B

  • Hello all, I need a little help on drive setup for Duet wifi. My printer runs 1X motor, 2Y motors (opposite directions), 1Z motor, and 2 extruders. I know I need to change M569 and M584. If I do M584 X0 Y2 Z1 E3:4, that would put both my y servos on the #2 drive? If thats the case, how do I specify option B on the #2 drive (running the 2 motors in series), or does it do it automatically when plugged into those 2 ports and jumper is removed?
    Then as those 2 motors would be considered drive 2 YA and YB, how do I define reversing the direction on one of them?
    I know M569 P2 is the command, but how do I specify YA and YB in the M569 command? thank you!

  • A few things:

    1.) You have steppers, not servos.
    2.) No firmware changes are needed, simply remove the jumpers and plug in the second motor.
    3.) You cannot change the direction of one of the two motors in firmware, as they're being driven by the same driver. You'd change the direction my reversing polarity on one of the coils of the motor.

  • thank you!

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