Better rejection of unsupported files

  • Made the mistake of uploading an STL instead of a .GCODE file.

    The duet rightly complained that this file made no sense.

    I then had to go to the printer and press STOP to get it to reset and made it possible for the web browser to connect.

    I would really like a more graceful version of error handling for the fault: "Stupid user"… ( 🙂 ) Since I will probably cause it again...

  • Amen.

  • The newer versions of DWC by default limit the file you can upload unless you click 'All Files' in the upload window.

  • Yep, made that mistake too. After upload the web interface just disconnected for no obvious reason and i couldn't connect back. Did a reset and uploaded again for like 5 times before realising that my slicer saved the gcode to different directory 😄

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